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Your next superstar is in demand and on the move. Emissary is the easiest way to leverage text recruiting, automation and AI to connect with them faster and more effectively… wherever they are. is a candidate engagement platform built to empower recruiters with efficient, modern communication tools that work in harmony with other recruiting solutions. Our text recruiting platform features 1 to 1 texting, text campaigns, short codes for events, apply reminders and more. We provide enterprise grade texting that lets your team reach the best prospects instantly, wherever they are. 

Emissary's current integrations and partnerships feature a who's who of recruiting software companies including;

  • SmartRecruiters
  • Greenhouse
  • Visibility Software
  • JobScore

With these new integrations, customers can text candidates from anywhere inside of the platform as well as any web page where a phone number is listed. They simply create an account then download the Emissary chrome extension to start texting. Conversations are stored within the candidate profile pages and can be seen by any user within the same ATS account.

"Emissary is the easiest way to connect with candidates faster, and more effectively…wherever they are,'' said Euan Hayward, CEO of Emissary. "We are continually partnering with modern recruitment software vendors to help make text recruiting a primary tool in every recruiters toolbox. Our new integrations feature a simple and fast setup allowing users to text within minutes of activation."

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41 East 11th st, 11th floor, New York 10013, Manhattan, United States
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